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NEO Circle transcends the concept of a mere sharing community; it represents a portal that empowers its members to lead the charge in the dynamic FinTech and Crypto revolution.

Holding a NEO Circle membership is akin to holding an all-access pass to an elite club, replete with exclusive privileges and exhilarating opportunities for earnings. Seize this chance to mold the trajectory of the digital transition and shape the future of finance!

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Multi-currency and crypto friendly

BancaNEO Exchange account dedicated to cryptocurrency trading and additional exclusive financial services.

Mastercard (Virtual & Physical)

Dedicated MasterCard (virtual & plastic card) for your purchases full of advantages.

NRT Cashback

Cashback without equal in the sector, thanks to NEO Credit (NRT): the digital currency of NEO Pay.


A Super App with hundreds of commonly used applications for a superior e-commerce experience.


Earn direct and team bonuses from your referral marketing.

Recurring Income

Create your recurring annuity by splitting the bank fees among all NEO Circle Members.

Sharing Activity

Get exclusive rewards from sharing with a merit-based Career Plan for the best leaders Free training and assistance in Italian.

Training & Academy

Free training and assistance in Italian.


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1 NRT = 0,62 USDT

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